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Fiat Ducato 2.3 (130)


"Having first bought the Torquing Diesel unit for my 51 plated Fiat Ducato Auto-trail Dakota in 2010 and then upgraded both my motorhome and Torquing Diesel unit, I have found that the Power and Torque as well as the MPG of both motorhomes vastly improved. I have now upgraded my motorhome and look forward to having the same improvement again. I highly recommend fitting this unit to any vehicle." 

Martin Roberts (Reading, Berks.) Sept 2018

Mercedes RapidoMercedes 2.7 CDI Rapido Motorhome


"As a trained diesel engineer I had already done quite a lot of research but had no hands-on experience, I liked the look of your unit and it looked well made. The instructions looked very clear, so we decided to purchase as we had a long journey back to our home near Valencia Spain. I must say the results are stunning. I could not believe how smoothly the engine ran with this unit.


The engine torque increased dramatically, on cruise control the performance is remarkable it hardly ever changed gear just kept the same speed up hill and down dale. I averaged 25 mpg at 110 kph fully loaded this is a good 10-15% improvement over without the unit. Must say I am delighted with the results."
John Mitchinson (Valencia, Spain)

Mercedes RapidoPeugeot 206 HDI


"Just wanted to let you know that my Torquing Diesel tuning module has had a profound effect on my Peugeot 206 Gti HDI. It has given it the performance that the chassis can now make use of when I want to use it & it has been better on fuel to the tune of 10%, this gives me around 50 miles to a tank extra, this is adding up to a very decent saving over the course of the year.


Driveability is now fantastic with loads of bottom end urge you would expect from a much bigger engine, in-gear acceleration is now strong and faultless. I’m very happy with the product & am now recommending it to my customers & have just ordered one for my Peugeot van. Thanks again."
PTS Developments Independent Citroen & Peugeot Specialists (Wokingham, Berks.)

Mercedes RapidoVauxhall Vivaro Van 1.9 CDTi


"…Yes - definite improvement, I’m impressed!"
Anthony Brain - Easylifter Systems Ltd (Loughborough)

Mercedes RapidoJaguar X-Type (2.0D 2005)


"Here's a brief progress report about the unit you fitted to my X-type last Saturday. Drove all the way up to Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire, then back to Essex & Germany via Dover.


On the stretch on British motorways cruising at 70mph, the board computer showed a fuel consumption figure of an astonishing 64.8 mpg, - never, never had that figure before!!!!


On the continental roads travelling at 130-150 kh, 55 mpg was achieved. Using the car to travel to work this week, & trying not to go faster than 130kmh, the unit also returned a good 55 mpg, compared to 50ish mpg before the fitment."
Mr D. Wright

Jaguar S-Type (2.7D)


"The module has sharpened everything up, increased fuel economy & given extra performance, it’s transformed the car!"
Bob Mumbray (West Sussex)

Mercedes RapidoVolvo V70 2.4 D5 Tow Car


"I found the fitting very straightforward & installed the unit in around 10 minutes, tucking the module in an ideal location between the battery & the fusebox.


The module has made a huge difference to the hill-climbing ability of the car, I now find that entire climbs in familiar hills in the Brecon Beacons can be tackled in top gear whereas prior to fitting the unit I was always forced to change down. Before fitting the Torquing Diesel Module 4th gear was required almost immediately. In addition to far better hill-climbing performance I find that the car is averaging 32mpg even under the most severe driving conditions fully-loaded, this is a really useful improvement in fuel economy.


Taking advantage of the adjustment feature on the module, I asked if the power could be turned down slightly as I did not require all of the extra power & torque the module was capable of providing. Torquing Diesel delivered the module pre-set for me ready to fit at a lower power setting which I was told would improve fuel economy as I felt I didn’t need all of the 200bhp available. I have recommended Torquing Diesel to a friend who also owns a Volvo V70."
Tony Bevan (North Wales)

Volvo XC70 2.4 D5 Tow Car


"I wanted to let you know that I have changed from the V70 to an XC70 D5 & have moved the module to the new car.


In mixed driving without the module the economy was steady at an average of 44mpg, after fitting the module, which incidentally was a very easy thing to do, the economy is now at 50mpg. When towing the caravan- quite a heavy thing at 1600kg- the economy without the module was 27mpg, with the module fitted this goes up to 33mpg. So a clear 6mpg increase whether towing or not.


One noticeable difference in the behaviour of the car with the module is that it changes up quite a bit earlier. The module also provides lots of extra torque & I have experimented with the power adjuster to see what difference this would make, settling on a 2 o’clock position which gives best power & economy. I’m enjoying driving the XC70 with its selectable automatic transmission, even more so now that the module is fitted."
Tony Bevan (North Wales)

FlavellFiat Ducato 2.8 JTD


“Yes big difference, towing power is greatly enhanced, I’m staying in one gear higher than before; tackled a 1 in 3 in second gear towing a big bike trailer, a huge improvement.”
Mr.Harry Flavell (Cashel Caravan Park, Loch Lomond)

MacKinnonIveco 3.0 litre 65C-18 RS Intrepid Motorhome


“This tuning module has given much more performance all round, smoother gearchanges & better economy. It is no exaggeration to say that it has transformed the motorhome.”
Mr.MacKinnon (Cheshire)

Mercedes RapidoFiat Ducato 2.3 Multijet


“Being a lorry driver for more years than I care to remember, I know there is no substitute for power, but I am also a firm believer that in this world you get nothing for free. After much research I purchased a Torquing Diesel module from Mark and fitted it to a 2007 Autotrail with the 2.3 ltr 130 bhp Fiat engine.



This vehicle already drove very well but the fuel consumption was only around 22-24 mpg. After being fitted with the module this improved to an average of 27.0 mpg and power wise it drove like a train and never saw a hill, but I drove it for economy rather than speed keeping to 50-55mph and never over 60mph.


This year I have changed the van to a 2010 3.0 ltr 160 bhp Ducato Autotrail Chieftain and swapped the module to it. When asked the mpg Brownhills told me to expect around 20mpg which I hoped to eek out 22+ mpg with careful driving, but was amazed to discover the trip computer reads 28mpg. Also the power is nothing short of awesome for such a large van. This Torquing Diesel module has now covered over 20,000 miles.”
Geordie Smith (Berwickshire)

Mercedes RapidoFord Ranger 3.0 litre TDCi


“Stays in top gear all day, roll-on acceleration is phenomenal, I’m chuffed to bits with it!”
Mr.Kirby (Nottingham)

CookFiat Ducato 2.0 JTD


"Just a few lines to say how the tuning module has transformed our motorhome, which hated any hint of a hill, necessitating down changes for the slightest incline or headwind even (embarrassingly) on A-Roads and motorways.


Fitment of the module in Sept 2011 brought instant improvement with car-like throttle response and bags of torque at lower RPM. Only the steepest hills remind me I’m driving a 2.0lt motorhome, and as an added bonus, fuel economy is slightly improved too, probably due to lighter throttle requirements.


I’m normally sceptical of instant improvement gadgets but this one is genuine, money well spent, I highly recommend it!"
Mr.Brian Cook (--) May 2014

DaveyFiat Ducato 2.3 (130) Multijet


"We have certainly noticed an increase in torque and power particularly uphill and do not need to change down gears as often as we did previously.


According to the onboard trip-computer we previously averaged 25.4mpg and since the unit was fitted and on a recent long journey to Newcastle-upon-tyne we now appear to be achieving 29.6 travelling mostly on open roads and motorway conditions between 60 - 70mph. This equates to almost a 15.0% increase in economy. With slightly slower speeds this should hopefully improve further.


We are both very pleased overall with the unit's performance."
Phil & Sue Davey (Exeter) Sept 2011

EllisHyundai Santa Fe CRTD 2.2


"Just to let you know that I have been monitoring my car since I fitted your unit.


Power and torque is greatly improved, so less gear changes, but the biggest improvement is fuel economy whilst towing. I used to get 23 miles to the gallon at 56 mph I recently towed to Cornwall 376 miles and the vehicle returned 29.6 miles to the gallon at 56 mph. I thought that it couldn’t be correct so checked it again on the way home and it averaged 30.2 to the gallon.


I can’t recommend this product highly enough."
John Ellis (Cambridgeshire) Aug 2012

GouldVW Passat 2.0 TDI (177)


"I have had a CRD module fitted very successfully to a VW Passatt CC 2 litre TDI (177) for three years over which period I have covered nearly 100,000 miles.


The unit has performed faultlessly providing a noticeable boost in both performance and economy. I would estimate a 20% improvement in the latter on long motorway runs. The unit has probably paid for itself several times over."


Tony Gould (Leeds) Aug 2012

BartrumFord Mondeo 2.0 TDCi (130)


"Just singing the praises of this amazing piece of kit. I run a 2ltr 130ps Ford Mondeo Duratong.


To check the onboard computer I have proven it to be accurate by physically recording miles against fuel used. Yesterday I made a 75 mile journey involving a good mix of urban and rural roads. I was determined to stick to all speed limits, which I did. Ok, I did not have the AC operating, but at the end of the trip the mpg read 60.1 mpg. Amazing! But brilliant. I did not zero the reading but after the return 75 miles, with the AC on, & “making progress” it still read 59.1 mpg. I’m always enthusing about it to fellow diesel owners, including extra “poke”. Big loss on their part if they do not purchase.


I have also tried BG244. An excellent product. Improved, crisp start-up, reduced smoke under hard acceleration, & better economy even without the module switched on. The 2 together – awesome! The stuff which provides the Cheshire cat grin!"
Julian Bartrum (Suffolk) July 2013

JeavonsFiat Ducato 2.2 (100) Trigano Motorhome


"I purchased one of your tuning modules some two years ago, after having a bad experience with a remap. To cut a long story short I had a remap which crashed the ECU, requiring a new ECU to be fitted.


I spoke to you at one of the motorhome shows, but did not purchase the unit straight away as what I was being told seemed a little too good to be true. At the time you offered a money back guarantee, so I decided to give it a try and I am really glad I did.


The unit does everything you said it would and more. The unit was very easy to fit and when fitted the power increase was immediately. Not only the power increase but the engine ran much quieter with the low down torque being greatly improved.


I bought the unit mainly for the extra power and would have been happy just to get the same MPG as I was getting before fitting the unit, but I was pleasantly surprised at the increase in MPG. I have only ever checked the MPG on the trip computer, but having always checked the mileage this way it is a like for like comparison.


The engine is a Fiat Ducato 2.2 100 BHP and this may seem difficult to believe, but on a motorway I achieve figures in the high forties, once reaching 50MPG, before the best I could get was 43MPG which at the time I thought was very good.


On a recent trip to Spain, the van being fully loaded, that is with all the tanks full and bikes on the back and with all the food and clothes for two weeks. There and back the mpg did not drop below 42.9mpg.


I would highly recommend this unit and to anyone who is in doubt about the claims made, I say give it a try you will be will be more than happy with the results."
Ade Jeavons (Shropshire) May 2014

HaslamIveco Daily 2.3 - New Venture Motorhome


"Further to our conversation at the Bath & West Motorhome Show, Shepton Mallet, please find attached photo of my motorhome which you fitted with your tuning module. After running the vehicle for 12 months I can honestly say that the improvement in pulling power is like having a further gear.


I cannot verify with any certainty whether I have any improvement in MPG as I run my vehicle heating off the main tank and, therefore, cannot get a true MPG reading. However, I do suspect that we probably get some improvement.


To sum up, I would definitely recommend this product for anyone to buy that requires more torque etc from their vehicle. The added bonus also is that the unit is transferrable from one vehicle to another.


Thanks for a good product."
Dan Haslam (Devon) Oct 2014

JamesFiat Ducato 2.3 (120) Motorhome


"I visited Mark at the Torquing Diesel stand at a Motorhome show over 3 years ago after looking into various remapping options for my Ducato Panel Van Conversion. He explained about the many benefits of his removable module that could even be transferred easily if you change your vehicle. I was very impressed and purchased one at the show.


The unit was very simple to fit, taking me less than an hour. The improvement in the camper's performance was immediately evident. It was like I'd emptied out the van, completely, furniture and all! The pulling power is exceptional, it still pulls in 6th gear up an incline and the MPG has improved as well.


3 years on I'm still a happy camper. We've been all over Europe in the van, including up (& down) the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland without a hitch.


If your looking for a noticeable increase in torque and the best MPG your van can deliver then go and talk to Mark. You'll be pleased you did."
DJ Waddell (Newquay) Jun 2015

HellawellAudi A6 2.5 TDI V6


"Showed the kit to my friend an experienced motor engineer and he immediately got excited and insisted on fitting the unit with me. Our test drive impressed him beyond words and so far I have noticed an improved mileage without of course driving any differently to my normal conservative style loads of smooth torque."
D. Hellawell (North Yorkshire) May 2012

WheildonLand-Rover Discovery Td5


"This has made a huge difference to my TD5. Lots of extra torque and now steaming up hills even when towing - has put bags of oomph into the slug!"
J. Wheildon (Salisbury) May 2011


Barnard TestimonialRenault Master 2.5 DCi


"Just a quick couple of lines to update you. We have adjusted the module as advised and fitted it to our new motorhome on the Renault base a few weeks ago - quick & simple process thankyou. Thought you might be interested to know that we have just returned from our first proper trip in the new motorhome - around 1000 miles around North & Mid Wales including including many miles of hills & twisty roads in 3rd and 4th gear. We have averaged 29.6 mpg for the trip - with more major A roads it would have been well over 30 mpg. Delighted - and the unit seems to be particularly effective in 5th and 6th with the engine pulling cleanly and without stress - even up most gradients in 6th. Thanks again - and I still owe you that pint!"
Mike Barnard (Dorset) Aug 2012


Lejeune Testimonial

BMW X5 3.0 Sport


"I use my BMW X5 to tow the family caravan and several years ago decided to fit the Torquing Diesel CRD Tuning module.  The module came with clear 'layman' fitting instructions and I had it fitted within minutes, it can also be removed if necessary when the car is serviced or sold on.

I have been impressed with the improved all-round performance and significant fuel saving and is working absolutely flawlessly.
In particular, it has gave a major boost to towing performance on those slight motorway gradients where the car will maintain the same gear ratio and power to the ascent quite effortlessly.
To help maintain my diesel engine I use quality fuel that contains additives for lubrication giving better engine protection and also the AR6400 fuel system cleaner on an annual basis supplied by Torquing Diesel."

Norman Lejeune (Newcastle) Feb 2014